Consumer Research from the Wi-Fi World

Sampling Wi-Fi Users

Anacapa Research uses the company’s WMS platform to collect consumer data from Wi-Fi users in the company’s HotSpot locations (those where we are allowed to run 3rd party WMS campaigns).

Short Survey Format

Research is done using Anacapa’s Survey module, which asks uses to anonymously complete a quick, multiple choice profiling survey before connecting to the Wi-Fi. Surveys can also be commissioned by 3rd parties as well as Platinum and OEM customers.

High User Opt-Ins

Because of the ease of Anacapa’s “One-Click Access” and the brevity of the Survey panels, over 60% of our Wi-Fi users on average opt to participate our Surveys. This allows 3rd party customers and Platinum/OEM clients to collect a large number of Survey responses in a short time period.
Our Mission

Mission Statement for Anacapa Research

“Our mission is to combine the Wi-Fi network footprint with Anacapa’s Wi-Fi Messaging Service to deliver for our customers and clients the best in up to the minute market intelligence gleaned from a wide international audience of public Wi-Fi users .”