Wi-Fi Powered Location Based Marketing

Powered by Google

Anacapa Media is built around the Wi-Fi Messaging Service (WMS) platform, unique in the industry. WMS uses Google’s DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) as its Wi-Fi ad-serving engine. The DoubleClick platform is the world's largest and most popular advertising engine, used by major brands and media agencies around the world.

Easy to Use

Currently, advertisers and Platinum/OEM clients create their ads within the Maestro Portal, which has a built-in interface with Google DFP. This platform allows for extremely granular targeting as well as ad prioritisation, “storyboarding” and other advanced campaign attributes.

Agency Integration

In Q4/2015 Anacapa plans to integrate WMS with Google’s DoubleClick For Advertisers (DFA) also called DoubleClick Campaign Manager. This will allow 3rd party ad agencies as well as clients’ agencies and in-house staff using Google DCM to create and manage their WMS campaigns from within the Google DFA application interface.
Our Mission

Mission Statement for Anacapa Media

“Our mission is to provide our international Key Account and media clients with the most sophisticated and effective locally-targeted advertising and messaging platform available, and to provide bespoke and commissioned marketing, communication and consumer profiling services using our unique Wi-Fi based LBM solution – the Wi-Fi Messaging Service (WMS™).”