Customer Free Wi-Fi that does what you want it to

Anacapa's Wi-Fi "Brand"

Anacapa operates its own network of Wi-Fi HotSpots under the "" brand (visit The business model is designed to accommodate every possible type of “HotSpot” requirement, and is aimed primarily at the SME market of independent operators or small chains in Hospitality, Gastronomy and Retail venues.

Modular Pricing System

In our Basic HotSpot venues, 3rd party ads (or other messages) are served to the Wi-Fi users every 30 min. Additional Service Modules and features may be added incrementally at additional charge. Our special “Marketing Packages” offer discounted bundles of the add-on modules. By choosing the Platinum Marketing Package, a HotSpot Operator may use the WMS™ system for their own adverts and customer Surveys.

Multi-Use HotSpot Estate

The network locations are used by the Media and Research departments as a ready source of consumer messaging inventory. Part of our Basic and Silver Package offering allows Anacapa to serve not only 3rd party messages, but also our own adverts and surveys. It is from these locations that we are able to generate our Consumer Connexxions research reports.
Our Mission

Mission Statement for

“Our mission is to provide our clients with the Customer Free Wi-Fi solution that best fits their business type, their customer base, AND their budget. To achieve this goal, we offer a high quality, fully secure yet modular Wi-Fi solution that allows each venue operator to select only those features that they want, with a correspondingly flexible price scale to ensure that each client only pays for the services that are important to them.”